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Vendors Teamtailor
MCE Professional Sourcing Services career site
Paid to Particpate · Multiple locations

$450/3hr - MDs, Physicians, PA's , NP, Attendants Needed for Study

Unlocking medical innovation! Join our AI research—$450/session for MD professionals, Physicians, Physician Assistants, NP and Attendants $70/session for pseudo patient registration(anyone).

Do you have your own Medical Office?*
Would you be open to hosting a private event for your colleagues for a Monetary Incentive?*

We are helping MDs to gather their colleagues for a nice private event in their space. Doctor/ patient meetup at locations such as hotels, homes, private offices for an nie incentive.

Are you willing to work with MCE for referrals?*

Would you like an affiliate link to share and to get a referral fee per sign up for other Physicians, Physician Assistants, NP and/or Attendants?


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