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Paid Participation for Earbud Testing- $75

Are you ready to be a catalyst for technological advancement? We invite you to participate in our cutting-edge paid Data Collection Survey, where your insights can help the future of tech and AI.

Are you American born? *

This study is particularly for participants born in America. On the Shaip App on your profile please select the ENGLSIH LEVEL as NATIVE

You must be US born, English Speaking, and a US residents. Is your answer YES to all of these?*

For this particular collection you must be US born, english speaking and currently reside in the US. You must be able to say YES to all.

Do you own a pair of Wireless Headsets (i.e. AirPods, Beats Flex, Google Pixel, Generic)*

Can be earbuds style or wireless like Beats Flex.

Do you understand you have 24 hours to complete from the time you press start?*

If 24 hours doesn't align with your availability, kindly explore alternative opportunities that better suit your schedule. We appreciate your consideration.

Do you have 21ft of straight walking space?*

You will be asked to recite phrases at certain distances away from the earbuds. Maximum ft is 21 ft.

You will receive an invite to SHAIP APP once your entry is processed on here. Will you check your email from SHAIP?*

After creating your profile on SHAIP. Please allow up to 2 hours to get your job assigned. No jobs will be assigned between 12amPST and 6amPST. Assigning begins back at 6amPST

This collection requires you to measure out 4 different distances. Do you have access to a tape measure?*

You will need to test the earbuds from different distances. 3ft, 9ft, 15ft and 21ft. Please have these marked ahead of time before you start. Refer to the video clip in the email.

There is a video that provides direction in the Onboarding email. You understand you will need to watch it to have a successful data collection session?*

Please ensure you watch the video and read the instructions in the following email. It will ensure your collection is not rejected. Rejected collections will need to resubmit for payment.

I understand that while building my SHAIP profile, age, race, gender and language are important factors for future collection opportunities.*

Having the correct information on your sHAIP profile will allow me to quickly offer you new opportunities. For instance i need 176 Spanish speakers. I can filter to language. Please add ENGLISH first then all other languages. Race is equally important in data studies.

Are you able to provide MCE with a W9?*

Most gig work assignments are independent contractor positions.

Personal information